ANTHONY S. LENZO – President and CEO

Anthony is the President and owner of Air Sea Land Productions (ASL), established in 1994. His primary focus in the production industry continues to be Digital Cinematography - both underwater and on land. He has worked in various capacities in the production industry as Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Underwater Camera Operator, Engineer, Inventor, Jib Operator and Equipment Manufacturer. Anthony is a five-time Emmy Award winner for Innovative Camera Systems, POV Technician, Electronic Cinematographer and Technical Team Remote.

EDDIE LENZO – Vice President

Eddie, VP and Jib Operator, has been with ASL since the beginning. In 1994 he started as a Jib Technician and quickly progressed to a two-time Emmy award winning Jib Operator. He’s been operating the Jimmy Jib now for close to 25 years, and his services are always in high demand. Currently, Eddie works on the Harry Connick Jr show. All the while, he is also taking care of business at Good Morning America.

ANSEL NUNEZ – Jib Operator

After having previously worked with ASL in the late 90s, Ansel returned from his Fear Factor stint in South America to contribute his jib operating skills to ASL. He has received much praise from directors, and is a positive force on any set.

ZACH SPIRA-BAUER – Jib Operator, Photographer, AC/DIT, Editor

Zach has been with for ASL for over 10 years, and he has steadily increased his knowledge in both cinematography, photography, jib operating and editing. Having fully mastered Final Cut Pro and color correcting along with obtaining a tremendous knowledge about filming with the RED cameras and Phantom HD, Zach has moved on to capturing ultra high resolution timelapse footage and 3D HD video. Zach received his BFA in film at Syracuse University. Zach completed an HD short titled "Flux" with several members of ASL. It was an official selection of five film festivals including the New Hampshire Film Festival, the Berkeley Video and Film Festival, the International Student Film Festival of Hollywood, the Denver Underground Film Festival and the Door County Film Festival in Wisconsin. Currently, Zach has been working as a jib operator on Dr. Oz, and he has several HD shorts and features in development.

MATT MURO – Jib Operator

Matt Muro started with ASL on New Year's Eve (2010) of all days. He hasn't looked back since. Now that he's an experienced jib operator for ASL, one finds it hard to remember when he was a jib tech in training. Matt has certainly come a long way, and is one of ASL's most in-demand operators.

RYAN CELECIA – Jib Operator

Ryan hails from Florida and found ASL through a connection at ABC. Lucky for ASL. Based on his skill set and confidence, he has proven to be another invaluable jib operator.

MARK BRITT – Jib Operator

Mark has not only mastered what it means to be a professional Jib Operator in this industry, but he also has an Emmy to his name for his work on "The Rachael Ray Show." Mark's passion is to shoot music.

SHANE TOUHEY – Jib Operator

Shane has worked for ASL for many years as a freelancer while maintaining his full time position at CNN. Shane loves to shoot music, and has a passion for movies.


Mike developed his jib operating skills after having mastered being a jib tech. He is a Hofstra University graduate having received his degree in Film Production.

BOBBY GALLIPOLI – Jib Operator, Jib Technician & Underwater Technician

Bobby is a graduate of SUNY Oneonta. He has followed his uncles, Anthony and Eddie, down the exciting path of shooting with a jib and also underwater. His passion for the moving image and getting the shot along with his passion for business/marketing makes him invaluable.

ERIC ESPEUT III – Jib Technician, Steadicam Technician, Utility

Eric (E3) brings a wealth of experience, professionalism and personality to every production. He has developed his jib tech skills under the tutelage of the ASL crew, and now the student has become the teacher for future ASL jib techs. He is also a top-notch utility.


James has worked for over 15 years as a freelance jib operator for ASL while working full-time on the Conan O'Brien show as a handheld camera operator. He is also a fully-certified diver and has some experience shooting underwater in HD. With "Conan" in LA, James has been heading up ASL West for all of our client needs on the West Coast.

NICK LINDNER – Camera Operator, AC & Utility

Nick started in television as a teenager directing a cable access show in Philadelphia. By his early twenties he was actively freelancing in mainstream broadcast television as a production assistant, jib technician, grip and audio engineer.

SHEM ALLEYNE – Jib Technician

Shem joined ASL at the beginning of 2006. He quickly ingratiated himself with the entire staff. On the side, Shem is also in the Coast Guard, and one of his favorite hobbies happens to be construction.

MICHAEL J. WARNER – Director of Operations

Michael began his career as a staff accountant in the consolidation department at Paramount Communications. After working as a PA on “Sex and the City” for one season, he landed at Air Sea Land Productions where after a few quick years he became Director of Operations. Now in his 15th year at ASL, he is currently developing several ASL productions for streaming services.

GARY COSTANTINO – Operations Manager

Having grown up with Anthony and Eddie, Gary knows exactly what is needed to keep the shop and ASL in order. His strong mechanical background has been a great asset to go along with the vast amount of video production knowledge he has acquired in the past decade at ASL.

STEVE MILLER – DP & Underwater Cam Op (FL)

Steve Miller is a three-time Emmy award-winning cameraman with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Steve's work focuses on ENG/EFP production with a specialty in underwater video. Currently, he is based in Florida.

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